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Video : Vision-Aid Workshop on “Navigation and Orientation of Accessible MOOCs for the VIsually impaired”

On December 15th we had our very first online workshop on ‘navigation and orientation on accessible Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platforms for the visually impaired’. Here is the video link to this workshop for more insight 

Vision-Aid sees MOOCs as a valuable and scalable resource for all our students, giving them access to a diverse range of very high-quality content from the top universities for free or very nominal cost.

More than 25 blind or visually impaired Vision-Aid students from our past and current attended this workshop.  During this 2-hour virtual workshop, Vision-Aid mentors Bhargav and Sonale gave demonstration by using a screen reader to navigate around on a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform and showed the basic steps to register for a MOOC platform and take an actual class on this platform.  

Some of our students are already  taking courses on MOOC platforms to develop new skills and improve their lives.  They are the trail blazers in the world of MOOCs.  They also joined and shared their experience in taking the class on various MOOC platforms. It has been inspirational to see many of our young blind learners (some as young as 12), taking challenging courses such as Dr Chuck’s class from University of Michigan in python programming and successfully completing it, on the Coursera platform with the able guidance of our team of dedicated mentors.

  The Vision-Aid team thanks Sonal and Bhargav for conducting this wonderful workshop and all participants and mentors for their support. Feedback from participants has been very positive (you will hear it at the end of the video below).

Here is the video link to this workshop for more insight 

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