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Vision-Aid and Perkins India teams launch door to door screening in Agra

Vision-Aid is delighted to see the impact of the partnership between Vision-Aid India and Perkins India to identify children with Multiple Disabilities and Vision Impairment (MDVI) in Agra, Uttar Pradesh India. Under project IDI , Identification and Intervention, door-to-door screening of 338 children with disabilities was carried out. This work was overseen by the project team of trained special educators and CBR workers from Khandoli block. Many more villages will be targeted in the coming weeks and months.  

Till date none of these children had access to educational intervention or government support services, such as a disability certificate. Without the certificate, they are not eligible for any kind of support from the government. During the screening, the father of a child name “Sona” shared that the visit by Vision-Aid and Perkins team has rekindled the family’s hopes that their child will be able to learn.


The image above is of a CBR worker screening a child.   Vision-Aid and Perkins, India joined hands back in 2021 and jump started the first joint Project in the Agra region to proactively intercept and help the visually impaired and MDVI individuals. India is home to more than 1 million children with disabilities. Only an estimated 10% of them go to schools. The vast majority become invisible to society, vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and poverty

After the successful conclusion of this first Project, Vision-Aid is planning to start similar joint initiatives across India and hope to help to many more children in the coming years.   

A CBR worker assessing a child during a door-to-door screening session.

Vision-Aid is indebted to all team members on the ground for their amazing, dedicated efforts and all donors who are supporting this exciting new program.

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