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Vision-Aid announces new training program for Accessibility Testing

This summer, Vision-Aid will add an exciting new program to the Academy – A training program for the visually impaired in Accessibility Testing.

In addition to our programs via resource centers in different locations in India, Vision-Aid also offers valuable training programs for the visually impaired over the Vision-Aid online academy. Currently, our Academy offers “Introduction to Python Programming for the visually impaired” a very popular programming course, which is in its 3rd year, with visually impaired students from all over India enrolling in one or two semester courses, to learn programming and go on to participate in hackathons. Another program is our Spoken English program, which is being piloted at multiple locations in India.

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility is the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. In software development space, this means designing and developing softwre (such as web sites or mobile apps) to be accessible by people with disabilities. Consider a simple example – if you upload a photo on a web site without accompanying text which describes the photo – the content is inaccessible to a blind user since the screen reader cannot describe the content of an image.  Another example is putting up video content without text transcription – which would make the video inaccessible to someone who is deaf. There are many such examples which can make web sites or mobile apps inaccessible to persons withdisabilities.  Software designers and developers can follow universal design principles, standards and best practices to ensure that all software is accessible. Unfortunately, some of them don’t. This is where accessibility testing comes in.

What is accessibility testing? 

Accessibility testing is the testing of systems (including web sites, web apps, mobile apps, etc.) to ensure that users with disabilities can effectively use such systems. Accessibility testing has become one of the important parts of software development life cycle for most organizations’ software. It has matured from a side activity to a full-blown profession with its own domain and technical experts.

 Why an Accessibility Testing Training program? 

The IT revolution in India has created many jobs in this space, that were non-existent earlier. It is a sector which is ideally suited for the visually impaired. Many technological advancements, development of special screen reader software and assistive devices have made training and performance of tasks easier than before.To meet the growing demand, there is a real need for quality training programs for the visually impaired and people with disabilities in general to pursue job opportunities with the help of standardized curriculum and a mentoring program on Accessibility Testing that would result in professional certification, and employment within the IT industry.

Training details

Vision-Aid’s course will be based on the leading training platform in this space offered by Deque university.

  • Course duration will be 4 months.
  • Online weekly webinar will be conducted  for 2 hours each week – includes 30 minutes of Q & A session.
  • Individual mentoring for students in between classes
  • Medium of instruction will be English

Pilot in August 2019

Applications for a pilot course will be floated by July 1, and ten students will be screened and selected from all over India. Students will participate virtually in courses, with the instruction being delivered from Bengaluru. The pilot will also aim to train other trainers so we can scale up the program significantly in future. 

Please stay tuned for more details and application forms, which will follow shortly!

Thanks to our super volunteers Jayanthi, Balaji, and instructors Ashwin Kuma and Bhargav Vaghasiya who made this exciting course possible. 

And, thanks to all our donors,  for your support which makes such valuable programs possible. 

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