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Vision-Aid directors visit WORTH Trust

Ram Raju and Revathy Ramakrishna are currently at Vellore, India. They had a wonderful opportunity to visit a very unique organization – WORTH Trust.

WORTH Trust is a fully self-sustained rehabilitation organization for the benefit of the disabled.   They run a set of production centers that employ people with disabilities, enabling them to learn skills and earn a dignified living while assembling quality products, which are sold all over India and abroad.   They have an amazing campus which includes a technical training center, school for speech and hearing impaired, early intervention center for the speech and hearing impaired, day activity center for the mentally challenged children and outreach activities. All the costs of these programs are fully met by revenues earned from sale of assembled products. Their products range from equipment for the disabled to automotive parts. 

Registered as a charitable Trust, WORTH Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees constituted by eminent individuals from diverse fields, united in their common interest to be of service to people with disabilities. One such example is Perkins Brailler, which has been conceptulized by Perkins school for the blind in Boston and manufactured by WORTH Trust. WORTH Trust produced Perkins Brailler and on behalf of Perkins distributes these units for sale all over the world. 

Their model stands as a shining example of how people with disabilities can be helped to  live with independence in a self-sustaining environment without having to depend on charity of others.

There are couple of areas of possible collaboration between Vision-Aid and WORTH Trust which Vision-Aid will explore in 2017:

  1. WORTH Trust assembles a fully self-contained “Universal Braille Kit”.  “Universal Braille Kit” is a school bag full of all the accessories a blind school child will need in the course of education. It comprises of devices designed to help the blind to learn to form braille letters, words and sentences, write, learn normal handwriting, basic arithmatics and drawing. These kits cost Rs. 760(~$12) each. Vision-Aid can look into working with WORTH Trust to distribute these to our partner network of schools for the visually disabled.
  2. Vision-Aid can explore if WORTH Trust can take its products like he Haptic Touch and help scale their production and distribution.

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