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Vision-Aid in partnership with JET launches program at Rishikonda, Andhra Pradesh

In July, the Vision-Aid team in Vizag met Secretary & Correspondent Ms. Shireesha Latha and Principal Ms. Subbalakshmi of the Nethra Vidyalaya, school for the visually impaired, in Rishikonda. They developed a plan to schedule regular training programs.
Later that month Vision-Aid team members installed  the Vision-Aid online teaching stations at Netravidyalaya – Rishikonda on 01/08/2017.

The  total strength of the school from grade 1 to grade10 are 120 with a teaching staff of15.
Netravidyalaya requested Vision-Aid to train 47 students from class 8 to class 10.
Initially in the first phase,  Ms. Pushpalatha, a Vision-Aid teacher, took ICA classes for 13 students from grade 8, out of which 10 students successfully completed the course. The remaining 3 students need more training, which is also planned soon.
Due to the regular class work and upcoming exams the next batch is scheduled  in the month of September, 2017 .
At present  there is no feasibility for Internet.  They depend upon WiFi via mobile hotspot.  Hence,  Vision-Aid conducted online demo classes with VACS – Vizag from Rushikonda via WiFi (source from mobile hotspot). However, Vision-Aid will be evaluating better connectivity options for future. 
 After successful complettion of the ICA training programme the principal promised to send teaching staff for ACA training at VACS training center at their convenience.  Through this program their teachers will be provided comprehensive training and help Vision-Aid expand the program.

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