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Vision-Aid Makes a Splash at MIT’s Accessible Technology Day

April 17th, 2019 was great day for Vision-Aid volunteers and partners in the greater Boston area. Vision-Aid along with partner Orbit Research participated in the Accessible Technology Day at the MIT museum.  This event was part of the Cambridge Science Festival. The theme was “Accessible Technology: New Ways to Interface with the World”.

Vision-Aid volunteers engaged curious minds of all ages with some innovative accessible technologies for the blind and visually impaired.   It was a great hands on learning  experience for all.  Children learned about different ways of sensing images.  It was an eye opening experience for most people to learn how braille characters are created and how technologies like refreshable braille device makes it simple to write in braille.  People had an opportunity to play with the devices for creating tactile graphics instantly from the visual  images by connecting the smart phone directly to the device to generate tactile graphics.  Visitors also enjoyed creating  tactile graphs using simple graphic calculator with voice output.   It was a great learning experience for all in the MIT spirit of Mind, Hand and Heart.  

Vision-Aid and Orbit Research volunteers had some exciting demonstrations at the MIT museum for Accessible Technologies. These have been captured in the video below. Please click on the links to watch the videos.

Tactile Black Hole Image

Tactile MIT Museum logo

World’s first tactile graphing calculator

Vision-Aid is thankful for partner like Orbit Research, developer and manufacturer of innovative and affordable products that enable an independent lifestyle for the physically challenged.

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