Vision-Aid National Resource Center at Aravind – Our Journey so far…

On January 12, 2019 Vision-Aid and Aravind Eye Hospital, in Madurai, formally launched the Vision-Aid National Resource Center (NRC) for the visually impaired at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, the world’s largest eye care system. Over 2500 patients are served daily at Aravind Eye hospital’s main branch.

A unique feature of the service is that patients can choose, based on their financial capabilities, whether they want to pay for their treatment or avail subsidized or free eye are. Irrespective of what kind of service the patients choose Aravind Eye Hospital provides same high quality of care.

The Vision-Aid National Resource Center serves patients of Aravind Eye Hospital who have terminal visual impairments i.e. they have a medical condition which cannot be cured or corrected. Vision impairment can either be partial or total, and in some cases it is progressive. The Vision-Aid resource center offers a broad range of resources for the visually impaired including low vision screening, providing free and subsidized optical and electronic assistive devices, orientation and mobility training, early intervention (pediatric) rehabilitation, functional vision screening, training in IT and mobile technologies, counselling, advocacy, screening in special schools and more.

The creation of this resource center was a milestone event for both organizations. Vision-Aid and Aravind Eye Hospital’s teams have been busy on the ground, driving the newly established resource center to full capacity. The short film shows the resource center at work . It  providea a clear insight into the different programs at the NRC, and the impact it is having – showing both the “before” and “after” views into several patients who have received services. Please do spare a few minutes to watch this video when you get a chance.

Vision-Aid would like to thank their donors and volunteers who have made this valuable resource and other Vision-Aid programs possible! Accomplishments like this are truly shared accomplishments!

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