Vision-Aid to Sponsor Inclusive-Stem Confluence 2020

Every year, I-Stem, IIIT Bangalore, Vision Aid, Vision Empower and XRCVC bring participants with and without disabilities to code/hack on high-impact projects and learn from each other. With over 150 participants, 7 universities and 11 corporates having participated in the two sessions of the hackathon in 2018 and 2019. Vision-Aid is excited to extend invitation on behalf of Inclusive Stem Confluence 2020 organizing team. The Inclusive Stem Confluence 2020 Hackathon comes to you in an expanded format. The event is divided into three tracks.

Inclusive Stem Hackathon

This is a 24 Hrs. hackathon where participants with and without disabilities work together on projects to empower people with disabilities in education, employment or social connection. Teams are  formed ahead of the event and are encouraged to discuss their projects if possible.


As part of the confluence, workshops are organized. The topics vary from “disability 101” and “accessibility in code” for

participants without disabilities, and on a series of technical topics including AI and machine learning, blockchain etc. for participants with disabilities.

Employment Connect

The hackathon also provide an opportunity for the participants with disabilities to network with corporate representatives for

potential career opportunities.

To engage yourself for forming teams, discussing ideas/projects, etc. virtually please join the discussion at

To register please visit 

To register, please click here:

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