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Warm Holiday Greetings from YOUR Vision-Aid Team!

Thanks to well-wishers and supporters like you, 2016 was a marvelous year, ushering in several new initiatives.

1. Vision-Aid training programs for the visually impaired in Spoken English  

2. World-class computer programming classes for the visually impaired. 

3. A very colorful and memorable annual event in the Boston area in July 

4. The receipt of recognition from NASSCOM, India as a finalist in technology entrepreneurship for our award-winning device “Haptic torch for the blind”. 

For more details about these innovations, please check out the “News” section.

As we prepare to enter 2017:

1. We are excited to announce the planned launch of 2 new Vision-Aid centers in under-served regions, in addition to supporting and expanding programs in the existing 6 locations.

2. We are proud and extremely delighted to be selected by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare as a partner in their “Count Us-In  Community Partnership Program” for 2017. Thanks to this valuable support from HPHC, we look forward to announcing several new initiatives in 2017.

3. We will be launching vision-screening camps with an emphasis on low vision screening, in Kanyakumari, followed by similar camps in other regions.

We are gratified with our progress and impact in 2016 and all this has ONLY been possible because of YOUR support, good wishes, and the hard work of our Volunteers and collaborators. We also take this time to wish you and yours a very happy Holiday season and a prosperous and happy 2017.

Thank you so much for your support!

Warmly yours,

Your Vision-Aid team

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