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What’s happening at Vision-Aid?

Vision-Aid has had a great start this year.  Various programs have been rolled out in the field to help rehabilitate the visually impaired across our centers.  The pictures below provide a glimpse of some the ongoing activities that have been successfully running by the love and support of our volunteers.

In the pictures below, you will see hands on computer training being conducted at one center.  At another center, you will see vision impaired job aspirants being trained and counseled.

We have a well equipped Central Teaching Station at Vizag, where computer lessons are conducted over Skype. You also see students attending these computer training lessons over Skype, at another center.

Vision-Aid strives to use training techniques most suitable to the candidate and his role. As part of the training, the sighted teachers are blindfolded while undergoing computer training. This helps them better understand the limitations and requirements of their vision impaired students and be more effective teachers. People with low vision are trained using contrast screens to help them see better. Retinitis Pigmentosa patients are trained using white on black screens.

Sighted teachers are blindfolded during computer training

Vision-Aid aims to customize and personalize the trainings according to the skill levels and specific needs of the trainees.  Spoken English courses are conducted for candidates who lack proficiency in the language.  Individual attention is paid to slow learners to help them build confidence and master the subject matter.  Vocational training is given in candle, chalk and agarbatti making.  The picture below is from our Milton center in Berhampur where the vocational training was conducted recently.

Vision aid is constantly supporting and working on innovations that help make lives of vision impaired individuals better.  The Electronic wand by Vision aid recently won the Innovation award from Government of India’s Department for Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR).

Every once in a while, Vision-Aid is honored to host dignitaries, who are interested in seeing our work.  Rotarian V J Patel of Rotary Club Victoria, Seychelles and Mr. Varada Reddy, past Rotary District Governor, visited us on March 6th. Both Mr. Patel and Mr. Reddy were invited for the visit by Rotarian Avasarala Srinivas, VP Vision-Aid, India.  The guests spent about an hour at our center and appreciated the work being done by Vision-Aid.  They also promised support and cooperation from the Rotary Club.

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