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Year-end Update from Vision-Aid

Warm Holiday Greetings from YOUR Vision-Aid Team! As we near the end of the year, we wanted to take a few moments of your valuable time to humbly share with you some of our significant accomplishments. Thanks to support from many, 2015 was a marvelous year,

ushering in Vision-Aid training programs for the visually impaired in 3 new locations in India, while continuing to support programs in existing locations such as Vizag, Mangalore, and Kolkata. We effectively doubled our reach in just one year. 2015 also saw a very colorful and memorable annual event in the Boston area.

As we prepare to enter 2016, we are excited to announce the creation of a new  world-class English language training program put in place and with the help of US-based educators who will also help us manage it for Vision-Aid students, helping them to acquire English conversational and written skills. We believe that learning English, in combination with computer skills, will enable them to access better jobs and education, enabling them to  live with independence and dignity….and that is our mission…
we are proud of our accomplishments in 2015 and all this has ONLY been possible because of YOUR support and good wishes, and the hard work of our Volunteers and collaborators. We also take this time to wish you and yours a very happy Holiday season and a prosperous and happy 2016.

In North India for the first time! Vision-Aid and The Ahmadi School for the Visually Challenged, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh successfully completed a week-long workshop in Vizag. We warmly congratulate the Ahmadi and Vizag teams! For more details please see the India New England article

In The Southern Tip Of India. In July 2015, Vision-Aid added a new program to its portfolio – a partnership with CADRE, Kanyakumari, to bring Vision-Aid training programs to visually impaired students in the southern-most tip of India.  Read more…

Reaching Into Odisha. Vision Aid has partnered with the Milton Charitable Foundation for the visually handicapped in Berhampur, Odisha. The Vision-Aid grant helps them acquire equipment, train their teachers and allocate some dedicated time from their staff to focus on making Vision-Aid program successful. Read more…

Beyond Samprati, Beyond Time.

The colorful memories from “Samprati, Beyond Time” our 2015 annual event, will remain etched in our minds! We are in the final stages of deciding our 2016 annual event, and expect the announcement will be made in January 2016. Please stay tuned!

Looking ahead 

We are eagerly looking forward to launching several new programs in 2016 – A world-class English language training program for our visually impaired students, another terrific annual dance show in Boston on Sunday, July 24th (Save the date – more details coming soon!) and more… 

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The Vision-Aid Team

Syed Ali Rizvi (President)
Ramakrishna Raju (Founder & Executive Director)
Revathy Ramakrishna (Vice President)
Sudhir Varma (Treasurer)
Paramesh Garimella (Director)
Deeba Husain (Director)
Sam Pazhaniswamy (Director)
Ujwala Phene (Director)
Subha Sainathan (Director)
Seema Sinha (Director)
Ali Sirohiwala (Director)
Santosh Vempala (Director)

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