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Picnic in Bangalore

Vision-Aid: A Memorable Picnic in Bangalore

In any non profit, the quantitative impact made is important i.e. evaluating how many people are served, how much it costs, etc. Equally important, or perhaps more inspiring on a personal level,  are the stories of the individuals behind the numbers. In Bangalore, Vision-Aid founds Ramakrishna and Revathy Raju had the opportunity to learn about some of these stories. They met with many of Vision-Aid's visually impaired  students, along with interns and staff. The meeting was in a lovely setting, a picnic at Cubbon park. Ram and Revathy got to know each of them, a little better as inspiring individuals that they are and not just another name in a list.

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Ram and Revathy at Sankara Nethralaya

Vision-Aid Founders Visit Sankara Netralaya

Vision-Aid founder Revathy and Ramakrishna Raju are on their annual visit to the various Vision-Aid Centers in India. Their first stop was Vision-Aid's Center at Sankara Netralaya in Chennai. This relatively new center which was just inaugurated a year ago during their last visit, has taken off very well. They had the wonderful opportunity to meet with the staff and discuss ongoing work and new , upcoming initiatives. 

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First class of Vision-Aid's DATT Course Graduates

Vision-Aid had started a path breaking course on Digital Accessibility Testing Training earlier this year. Students completed their 16-week journey and graduated on 13th December 2019.

The accomplishment was huge for considering the duration of the course. Some of the highlights of the course are listed below:

  • Deque University Web Accessibility specialist course, considered the international gold standard in the field, was followed.
  • The training was conducted by Ashwin and Bhargav. Ashwin has low vision, Bhargav is totally visually impaired.

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Aditi Shah

A Graduation Story from Vision-Aid

Aditi Shah, one of Vision-Aid's former student in the programming course, graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Masters degree in Computer Science and Cyber Security. Beyond being a former student of Vision-Aid, she has many connections with Vision-Aid family. Sonal Patel , her mentor at Vision-Aid continues to be Aditi's mentor even today. Prof Santosh Vempala of Georgia Tech, who serves on the board of Vision-Aid has also been her mentor and guide there for the past 1.5 years. He and his family have been with Aditi on her journey with their love and support. 

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Lalchan Das Gupta

Vision-Aid Establishes National Resource Center in Delhi

Vision-Aid is thrilled to annonce the establishment of Vision-Aid National Resource Center in Delhi. This was made possible by Boston Natives Ram and Meetu Gupta. This resource center will be fully functional by January 2020. The resource center will serve the visually impaired population of Delhi and surrounding area.  The center will provide a comprehensive range of services and devices for the visually impaired and will aim to enable, educate and empower the visually impaired in the area.

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Vision-Aid to Sponsor Inclusive-Stem Confluence 2020

Every year, I-Stem, IIIT Bangalore, Vision Aid, Vision Empower and XRCVC bring participants with and without disabilities to code/hack on high-impact projects and learn from each other. With over 150 participants, 7 universities and 11 corporates having participated in the two sessions of the hackathon in 2018 and 2019. Vision-Aid is excited to extend invitation on behalf of Inclusive Stem Confluence 2020 organizing team. The Inclusive Stem Confluence 2020 Hackathon comes to you in an expanded format. The event is divided into three tracks.

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Boston Accessibility Conference

Vision-Aid brings leading panel of experts on Accessibility Testing to Boston Accessibility Conference

Vision-Aid hosted a panel of experts on Accessibility Testing at the Boston Accessibility Conference, an annual event that attract leaders from many fields who are interested in supporting accessibility, universal design and making the digital world a more universal place for persons of all abilities.

2019’s conference was held on Saturday November 2nd at the Fidelity Offices in downtown Boston. Vision-Aid co-sponsored the conference and hosted a keynote panel on “Accessible Accessibility Testing” and an information session on “Using technology to create wearable navigational devices for the blind”.

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