Siddhi Talekar

Participating in activities that involve helping others has become especially important to me as that is something I plan to pursue in my career. I am so thrilled to be able to give back to the community all thanks to Vision-Aid. Vision-Aid, as a non-profit organization, enables me to help specifically the visual impaired. What makes this so special is that I get to help through dance – something I have enjoyed doing ever since pre-school. Doing this partnership allows me to find common ground between two careers that are important to me: dance and volunteering. As a former Vision-Aid ambassador, and Presidential Community Service Award medalist, being able to combine both causes through my arangetram means so much to me, and I am so excited to see all the good that will come from this performance.

What your donation helps us do:

  • $30 will enable a a patient with low vision to get a low vision screening and optical assistive devices.
  • $30 will enable a blind student to get training in Orientation and Mobility.
  • $50 will provide a blind person with an electronic assistive device, helping them become more mobile and independent.
  • $100 will provide a portable electronic magnifier to a low vision student.
  • $150 will provide a free smart-phone to a visually impaired student. Vision-Aid provides free training in mobile technologies.
  • $250 will educate a blind or low vision person with a certificate course in Introduction to Computers.
  • $350 will provide an AI-powered Smart Vision device to a blind person
  • $500 will provide 6 months comprehensive and individualized education leading to a Diploma in Computer Applications.
  • $1000 will provide a full residential scholarship for a Vision Impaired student which includes full coverage of their board and lodging, training and devices for the duration of the 6-month scholarshp. Training includes English, Computers, Mobile Technologies and Coaching for Competitive Exams.
  • Many Higher support levels are also available which can create a lasting impact by creating new Vision-Aid centers or programs. Please contact for more detais!

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